I'm Henry (pronouns they/them/theirs). I am a photographer, writer, digital cartographer, and community organizer. Born and raised in San Francisco, I'm based in the Twin Cities. 
I started practicing photography in 2007, shortly before I became a freshman in high school. It was intended to be for a number of scavenger hunts I participated in that explored the city as part of a summer program that I was a part of. 
It then became a coping tool for me when I began high school. 
Tired of living a life where I stayed in the same neighborhood, the same 400-or-so square foot apartment that I grew up in, and being self-conscious about being the 'different' kid who was always passionate about issues affecting my life, my family's life, and the life of my community (because nothing could be changed and any attempts at doing so will land you on a blacklist, so they say), I ventured out. 
For 5 years, I operated a photography blog and assumed a pseudonym (because I was afraid of being bullied in school if people found out I was taking photos of the city). My subjects varied, but over the past 12 years I've stayed relatively consistent: landscape, streetscape, long exposures, and photojournalism. In my past life, I've been published on SFist, Curbed SF, Muni Diaries, SF Public Press, SF Citizen and SPUR. More recently, I've been published in streets.mn (both writing and photo) and Southside Pride. 
In 2016, I moved to Minneapolis. As cold and unbearable the Winters are, I fell in love with it. I jump at the opportunity to shoot long exposures in the snow because it's calming for me. Outside of the Winter, I do street photography and events. As much as I love my adopted home, I miss San Francisco dearly and hope to be back someday, aside from the annual visits during the holidays.
I am available to photograph you, your staff, or your events. I also sell prints. If you are interested in either, please get in touch
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